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This is why you need GWEN

An engaging digital product gets much more love and attention from users

  • There are so many engaging products on the market today, and the level of attention from users is dropping every year!

  • Problems with churn? GWEN increases conversion and retention in your platform. 

  • Gamification is a scientifically proven, effective and fun way to create engagement and drive behavior.

  • Save time and money! With GWEN, it's easier than ever to create a more engaging user experience.

The future of gamification

GWEN is an API and a platform that uses behavioural analysis and gamification to make digital products more engaging! 

  • Works in apps, websites, CMS and more.

  • Track. Analyse and act on user behaviour.

  • Engage users with built-in gamification mechanisms such as Missions, Levels, Achievements, and more - linked to activity in your product!

  • Do A/B testing to prove the impact of gamification.
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Create and tweak

Use our powerful admin interface 

  • Set the parameters of your custom gamification

  • Compare different approaches by mixing and matching gamification mechanics

  • Compare data and look at metrics to get deeper insights in the effects of gamification


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